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  • J L

    Arachnomancer is a HUGE disappointment. Summoner was better. It would be much better if the spiders stuck around for more than one hit. Other class armors are much better and makes me want to quite game rather than change class and spend all that time building up a new class

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  • Gerhard Haspel

    Hello everybody. I love to play your game and have already invested a few euros in it. You are very inventive and your events are also varied. What I miss very much is that I can't hide the skinns. You put a lot of effort into developing the armor and then you can't see it because of the skinns.
    I don't think anyone will take off their skinns with the upgrades. Maybe it would be possible to integrate a switch to hide the skinns and show the armor. Thank you for your efforts, Merry Christmas, Happy New Year and keep it up!

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